The CranioTable is a custom made session table for cranio sacral therapists who work in a permanent workspace. The tables are designed so the therapist can reach the client well during the session. The Cranio Table has non-directive energetic properties that support the cranio session.

The right placement of the table legs allows the therapist to sit anywhere around the table with free leg space.

The table top is adjustable relative to the table legs. This way more leg space can be created at the head or foot end of the table, depending on where you work most during the session. 

The tabletop is shaped so both sacrum and thoracic inlet are more accesible. The tabletop has roughly the shape of a person who lies supine on the table.

This is one of the most crucial aspect of a table that is one with therapist and client. The ideaal working height is very personal to the therapist. It’s much related to the height of your favorite working chair. The perfect  height of the table is such that the elbows can rest without having to elevate your shoulders. A table that is too high can give shoulder complaints. And a table that is too low can give too little elbow support, which can express in tension in handholds.

Cranio in it’s essence is a relaxation therapie. The amount of the client’s surrender plays a major role in the effect and depth of the session.

And the Table itself, when comfy, can play a good role in providing the sense of security that is needed for surrender. 

The table top is slightly curved inward, which makes the difference for the client. Instead of laying on top of the table, the client can feel the total support of the table.

And a major role in relaxation is the amount of armspace for the client. If they can’t rest their arms, they simply cannot surrender. The tabletop is wide where it should be for the client and narrow where it should be for the therapist.

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